The production company RUS ART implements creative projects in the field of culture and art. We specialize in the organization of tours for Russian artists and ensembles in Russia and abroad, conducting festivals, preparation and conduct of business and corporate events as well as exhibitions.

The project management at all stages is implementing by the team of art managers having creative, responsible skills which are competent specialists in various fields: administrative, technical, creative, economic, legal.

The production company RUS ART provides a full cycle of the preparation and organization of events. We provide the following services:

Definition of the concept of the project, in accordance with its aims and objectives;

Formation and development of the project budget;

Selection of contractors, negotiations, registration of all necessary documentation;

Organization of logistics and technical support of projects;

Selection of necessary specialists and personnel;

Directing and staging services, drawing up of a concert program, selection and provision of artists;

Publicity and PR support;

Work with a special audience of the project;

Preparation of accounting;

Coordination of all phases of the project during the whole period of its implementation.

Our aim is to conduct effective projects answering to purposes and objectives of the client.