Slavic tunes
Slavic tunes
"Their art not just touches, but captures all your soul and heart. It means, we deal with the true, deep Art"
Izvestiya newspaper

The Russian folk choir SLAVIC TUNES is an ensemble of the Russian State Musical Television and Radio Center. The choir splendidly maintains the unique traditions of Russian vocal folk art in performances both within Russia and abroad. Artistic director of the ensemble is Alexander Darmastuk.

The choir has participated in a number of international festivals, including “Euro Folk” (at the Palace of Tsaritsyno, in Moscow, in 2008), the International Festival “Slaviñ Path” (in the historic town of Sergiyev Posad, located not far from Moscow, in 2002), the International Festival of Traditional Art “Slavic Unity: Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine” (2009), the International Festival in Mascherato, Italy (2009) and the International Festival of Folkloric Art in Gorizia, Italy (2009).

At the festival in Gorizia, the choir was winner of awards in two categories – traditional direction and traditional theatre choreography.

Movement, action and the bright embodiment of new ideas are the ensemble’s calling card. Their concert program is an unforgettable performance in colorful national costumes. Their cheerful, lively Russian folk songs, accompanied by accordion, give perfect insight into the mysteries of the Russian soul.

The ensemble’s performances always receive a positive response from audiences of all ages and nations and unite them in a love of Russia and its culture.


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