Performances of the legendary Mexican dancer Sonia Amelio took place in Russia

22 and 24 September 2012, with support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and with assistance of the Embassy of Mexico in Russia, within the framework of cultural cooperation between Russia and Mexico, performances by legendary Mexican dancer, choreographer, actress and musician Sonia Amelio took place in St. Petersburg and Moscow. The tour in Russia was a part of the world tour 2012 of the great Mexican artist, which included the UK, Germany, Cuba and other countries.


Sonia Amelio is recognized as a world's best performer playing castanets. She conquered the world with her original art, in which, with the help of castanets, she created a lot of unusual arrangements of classical pieces by Beethoven, Paganini, Tchaikovsky Chopin. In addition, S.AMELIO simultaneously performs original dance on the stage. A special dance technique invented by her and a perfect body control by her, a unique blend of rhythm and plastic brought to S.AMELIO worldwide recognition.

"I chose a very difficult career for myself - Sonia tells about himself - it combines different aspects: I am a pianist, a conductor, a Prima-ballerina, choreographer and actress at the same time."

By her own admission, in her international tours, besides achieving purely artistic purposes, Sonia Amelio tries to bring the message of unity, peace, brotherhood and love to all peoples through her art. Having started his peacemaking activity with reconciliation of conflicting parties in her native Mexico in 1994, the actress continues "The Crusade of Art for Peace" and already for many years she brings her appeal for mutual understanding among peoples. "I am a dancer of peace and love," - Sonia says about herself.

In 2011 Sonia Amelio was awarded the recognition at the highest level in Russia: President Dmitry Medvedev gave her the Medal of A.S. Pushkin for the study and preservation of the cultural heritage and the development of international cultural relations.

In the program of the concerts, entitled "Sonia Amelio:" 17 years of dance in the name of peace ", which was held on the stage of the Raikin theater (St. Petersburg), and on the stage of the theater hall of the Moscow International House of Music, the actress performed her best authors dances with castanets accompanied by music by Rimsky-Korsakov, Tchaikovsky, Liszt, and fiery Mexican and Latin compositions. The performances of Sonia Amelio were accompanied with videos about her artistic life and her tours on different continents of the Planet dedicated by her to the peace in all the world.

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